About gankerfightingrobot.com

COSMO Technology Development Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise develops Ganker Fight Robot technology and software for education & amusement, with wide prospection which has been applying on battling, soccer playing, racing and obstacle avoiding.

COSMO has extensive experience in interactive Ganker Fight Robot products, specializing in remote control, teleoperation, sensor and score system. Our industry-leading solutions focus on coordinated multi-control, mission planning, sensor fusion, obstacle detection and avoidance tasks.

Based on the principle of providing “quality products and intimate services”, our company sets development, production, sales and service in one stop, as the leading manufacturer of high-tech and entertainment industry in china, Cosmo combines the flexibility of specialised R&D teams with the advantages of scale and diversification for the fast growing expectation of today’s and tomorrow’s clients.

The Ganker Robot’s Features Include:

lCustomized combat skills and actions

lHigh-speed moving in 14 directions (include rotation)

lSensitive physical impact sensors

lGallant metal armor

lController APP available in APP Store and Google Play 

Customized Combat Skills And Actions

The Ganker robot is born for battle. This fighting machine contains 9 servo motors, and each of them allows the player to adjust the rotation angle so that they could customize many kinds of postures, such as left uppercut, right uppercut, stabbing and so on. Obviously the operation of different player makes the totally different result and it all depends on you.